For us, Pashmina production and marketing is a two-generation family business. we are the manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of pashmina shawls and other pashmina products for domestic and international market. All our Pashmina products are hand woven by local and very experienced craftsmen in a very delicious style, maintaining the centuries old tradition.

Later, this family business was turned into a corporate business popularly known by “Himalayan Pashmina Crafts Industry”. This corporate house has been successfully running for last thirty-five years. The company is well known for its reputation, quality and reliability.

Our Pashmina products are mainly exported to U.K, U.S.A, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Hongkong and India. Our products are well accepted brands in those countries.

Pashmina is the most luxurious, softest, warmest and lightest natural fiber in the world and comes from the Capra-Hircus goat. This is the same goat where Cashmere comes from. Therefore Pashmina is the regional word of Cashmere. Pashmina only comes from goats resident above 14, 000 feet, and it only comes from the neck and unnderbelly of goats. The higher the goats life, the finer their hair. Genuine Pashmina fibers are always less than 14.5 microns in diameter, which is 7 to 8 times thinner than a human hair. When the time comes, the goats are meticulously sheared each hair is carefully seperated according to its quality and only the finest is chosen. Afterwards, they are spun by Nepalese spinning wheel known as “Charkha”. The resulting wool is then hand-woven by skilled craftsmen in to wonderful shawls. Each shawl takes many man-hours to complete from the combing of the goat to collect the fur through hand weaving, dyeing and finishing. Therefore every shwl is unique.

The word “Pashm” means warmth. In ancient times, the times of Moghul emperors, pashmina wear was a matter of pride of its owner-Similar to jewellery. the genuine demand and craze in the west has been massively increasing since they were first paraded on the catwalks in New York and Paris fashion shows back in 1998.